I believe there is a place for a happy Mama in every birth room so I become a Hypnobirthing Instructor to help others get just that! 

What is hypnobirthing?  

Hypnobirthing is often thought as hippie and can be a little “OUT THERE” for those not familiar with it but the principles of hypnobirthing are based on the biology of the body. 

I will help you to use your breathing to empower you in the birth room and teach you how to use your body’s natural ability to birth effectively.  

To add to it, knowledge is power and my classes help you understand your choices throughout your pregnancy and labour and will help you feel informed and confident in making the best birthing choices. 

I have included some statistics below on how hypnobirthing has helped women during labor 

85% Comfortable Natural Births 

90% Birth Without anxiety 

Specialised prenatal tools and techniques to create deep relaxation and pain-relieving natural birthing outcomes. 

Complete child birth education course - to prepare, empower, educate and inspire your mind, body and soul for an amazing birth. 

Change of plans? If medical intervention is required, you are fully educated, calm and make informed choices with the best birthing outcomes. 

Midwife approved, reviewed and recommended. 

Evidence based – Researched with statistics, facts and studies. 

Dedicated course sections and mp3s for partners and dads 

doula /ˈduːlə/ noun 

• a woman employed to provide guidance and support to the mother of a newborn baby.


WHAT IS A Doula? 

A doula supports parents  during the prenatal, postnatal period.  

WHY am I a Doula? 

I love supporting women through this important time in their lives. For me it is about empowering the women with confidence to no longer need me, to support them through the early weeks as they find their feet in the world of motherhood. 


A birth doula will provide 1-2-1 care throughout pregnancy and birth. 


A postnatal doula will care for the Mother after birth and/or support new parents in the immediate weeks after the birth. 

TWILIGHT DOULA (aka Night doula) 

A twilight doula supports the family in the postnatal period at night, typically from 8pm to 8am. Why? Sleep deprivation isn't fun so if you just need a little more sleep, feel isolated at night and need a little support, have other children that take your time too or are returning to work quickly then a twilight doula may be just for you. 


I know how incredible but exhausting becoming a new parent is (whether that be if they have arrived or not) so my packages are designed to be flexible. 

With most doula support packages, I come to you so you have the comfort of your own home but if this doesn’t suit we can discuss something a little different, get in touch and we can talk through your individual needs.